Patricia Absinthe

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Model Spotlight of the Month
When and how did you decide to deal with modeling?
P: I began modeling when I was 15 for costumed life drawing events, and for school projects for a friend that would bribe me with chocolate chip muffins.
When and under which circumstances did you start dealing with Gothic culture and metal music?
P: I’ve always been drawn to stereotypically Gothic culture tropes since I was a child, and my Christian parents believed showing me horror movies and other dark themes as young as a toddler would make me fear a “world without Jesus” accidentally raised a goth kid. My sister encouraged my interest when I began wearing all black at age 8, and later introduced me to the actual subculture when I was 11. Metal music was around the same time. I loved documentaries, my sister and I were at the library when I was 10, I noticed the Sam Dunn documentary “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey”. I had to watch it. My love for metal exploded after that.
What defines a sexy woman according to you?
P: A sort of confidence, a mysterious, badass aura. The first impression of “She could kick my ass and I’d love it”…
What’s the sexiest part on you?
P: My tattoos or waist.
Which one of the Seven Deadly Sins you consider yourself to be?
P: More so a mix of both wrath and lust.
What’s the weirdest photo shooting you’ve ever done so far?
P: Pretty much all of my public ones where tourists are walking by and take photos, or hang around watching. Super awkward.
Who’s the sexiest Rock Star of all time?
P: Angela Gossow!
What’s the best city/country you’ve ever been to and why?
P: I don’t go anywhere, thusly Toronto so far. I love the vibrancy, the thriving goth scene, the metal shows, the goth clubs, taxidermy shops, tattoo artists everywhere.
Which are your beloved bands & artists in general?
P: Most beloved are Black Sabbath, Sisters Of Mercy, Ensiferum, London After Midnight, Rammstein and Slayer.
Which are your 3 favorite fantasy & sci-fi movies of all time?
P: Lord of the Rings (extended trilogy), Evolution, Donnie Darko!
What’s your Guilty Pleasure?
P: Nicotine, chocolate and wine…
How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
P: Creative, adventurous, empathetic…
PS: Photos by Phoenix Design Photography, Darkness Visible Images & Rick Burney Photography