Kody Evans

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Model Spotlight of the Month

When and how did you decide to deal with modeling?
K: I modeled when I was younger, then around 20 decided to try it again and loved it.
What defines a sexy woman according to you?
K: Well, we can all say looks do not play a part, but they do even if it’s a small part but the biggest thing that makes a woman sexy is how she carries herself, her confidence, her attitude and last personality.
What’s the weirdest photo shooting you’ve ever done so far?
K: Hmm that is a tough one… bc I have done a few out there, but I must say posing with a chainsaw and doing a video cranking it so far has been the weirdest; just bc it’s not something you would think would fancy someone. But I had a blast doing it in amazing high heels.
What’s the sexiest part on you?
K: My eyes…
What’s your erotic fetish?
K: Well, for me I shoot all kinds... but I should say tickling and damsel in distress.
Which was the strangest pick-up line a guy has used to approach you?
K: “Did you fall from heaven to enter into my life?”…
Which one of the Seven Deadly Sins you consider yourself to be?
K: I would say Pride.
What is the best sex advice you’ve ever given or gotten?
K: I would say I have given the advice to try and explore lots of things as you only live once, if you wanna try something go for it.
If you could only ever have sex with a Rock Star, who would you choose?
K: Hmmm that’s a hard one; female I would choose Gwen Stefani; male I would choose Travis Barker.
What’s the best city/country you’ve ever been to and why?
K: Well, I lived in Bermuda when I was smaller due to my father being stationed there, and I loved it and would definitely move back. It’s a beautiful country and hey there is the beach.
What is one thing that you tried once and you will never try again?
K: Hmmm that is a hard one for me; I don't think I have tried something other than food I would do again... but I wouldn't try the Harry Potter jelly beans those are so nasty if you get the barf flavor (lol)…
What kind of music do you like and which is your beloved band/artist?
K: I love indie rock, electronica, and some pop and classic rock. I have so many it’s hard to choose, but definitely Bastille and diplo , Tiesto & Paul van Dyk.
What would be your ideal date?
K: I love the abnormal dates, zip lining, going to a MMA fight. Going to get a tattoo.
How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
K: Unique, Fiesty, Spunky.