The Comeback of Classic Rock and How it Elicits Feelings of Nostalgia

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Although rock ’n’ roll may have seen a decline in the 2010s – what with the shift to more digital mediums producing electronic dance and pop music – rock influences continue to appear in the sounds of bands from a variety of genres. Classic rock, however, remains a prized genre in itself.

Through Internet culture, social media, and memes, which can been seen here, the genre has been kept alive for longtime fans and even for today’s Generation Z all over the world. This is a strange and unexpected form of preserving the music of some of the greats, from Fleetwood Mac to Queen.

Speaking a universal language:
Music is a universal language, and it’s no shocker that many people claim that listening to their favorite music makes them happier. In fact, in a poll conducted by Gala Bingo among British music fans, it found that one in 10 of them believed that seeing their favorite band again would be the happiest moment of their lives. This demand to see old favorites has led to popular reunions by bands such as Guns N’ Roses and Led Zeppelin. If your favorite classic rock band is still touring or has announced an upcoming tour, try to see if they’re holding a concert in a venue near you. You may find that seeing them live might just cause your own happiest moment.

The very fact that famous rock artists like KISS and Paul McCartney are still performing way into this decade proves that good music withstands the test of time. Classic rock has passed this litmus test and may have done so because of its deep emotional content, memorable guitar solos, and general feelings of nostalgia that they evoke.

Mood booster:
Several studies have shown that music can boost your mood. Psychology professor Daniel Levitin researched the cognitive neuroscience of music at Canada’s McGill University, and has met people who have found AC/DC to be their ideal choice of relaxation music.

This, of course, is subjective – and it’s likely that you already know which of your favorite songs is sure to put you in the best mood. Music could mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and for fans of classic rock, whether old or young, it could also be a form of time travel. It could remind you of your days as a teenager blasting The Rolling Stones from your record player. It could also be the bridge by which you get a better understanding of the past or your parents’ generation.

Access for all:
Regardless of where you find yourself, there’s no doubt that classic rock has global and intergenerational audiences. Aside from memes, we’ve seen several biopics such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Rocketman”, of Queen and Elton John, that have been popular with old and new fans alike. There have been partial reunions of surviving members of The Grateful Dead by the band Dead & Company all over America, and Irish rock band U2 recently toured all around Asia, where some of their biggest fans are from.

There have also been revivals of albums, classic rock songs in movie soundtracks, hologram concerts, and music videos resurfacing online. It’s classic rock for a new generation. If anything, appreciating the music of these pop culture icons could convert a whole new wave of people having nostalgia for a time that they may have never even known. After all, it’s called classic rock for a reason.