The Well live at The Black Heart in London 2020

It’s always a good night when I’m getting down to The Black Heart in London to see a gig! That’s how my Friday 7th February is about to get interesting and super cool! I’m just in time, so as soon as I make my way in, the first band is already playing.
The Well London Show 2020 poster
Manchester based band Ritual King are already warming up the audience. They show that they can deliver anthem like rock that it’s also commercial, without losing the factor that make the band so hot. Their music is fundamentally heavy blues, influenced by 70s rock and modern stoner rock and makes their sound more unique; they also add some elements of folk rock, which is again something you don’t hear every day!
Their vocals stand out as they are clean and higher pitched and combining these two unique elements, help them have their own identity in the UK stoner rock scene. I would say that they are definitely better live than on the studio. So, if you are looking for heavy riffs, infectious grooves and catchy melodies make sure you give them a listen!
Before the second band starts, I’m lucky enough to meet with the guys from The Well and have a quick interview about their latest album and more.
Time to go back inside and Cheshire based band 1968 is up next. Their music is pushing the older sound into modern ears using volume to ensure that listeners are left with their songs in their head for days. The energy on stage is insane and people in the crowd start headbanging and jumping all around. The set is epic, not to mention the pint-smashing volume and it seems that the venue will be burned to the ground by the end of it! If you are a riff junkie, then make sure to catch them live and get the full throat shaking volume!
Now, least but not last, the band that we are all been waiting for, The Well. Austin (Texas) based power trio redefine heavy rock by merging massive riffs with sophisticated melodies. Their progressive sound stems from a nostalgic desire to blend different musical styles. Due to their psychedelic doom edge, they reap comparisons to famous bands like Black Sabbath.
As soon as they hit the stage, the audience starts to push against the stage, to be closer to them and sing along to every song. The dual vocals of Graham and Alley evokes an ancient language that carries a mystic spell, mixed with daunting rhythms and heavy guitars that often accentuate their chilling chants.
Inspired by early 70s psych rock and proto-metal, The Well have created a sound that reflects doom, punk and horror all rolled together in a ghostly rock soundtrack. Their nostalgic reverence, simple structure and modern expression put them at the forefront of today’s heavy rock.
Obviously, the set included tunes from their latest album “Death and Consolation”, which makes the atmosphere even darker and intense, helped with bright green lights! You can still catch The Well on tour in Europe and back in the USA, just tuned on their social media.
What a performance and what a night!