Monte Pittman live in Florida 2018 along with Sebastian Bach

On November second, hard rock fans in Orlando Florida were lucky enough to be treated to an evening of great hard rocking music. On this night, The Plaza Live got to host two great acts. Who are the lucky fans going to see? Sebastian Bach, the Iconic singer of the famed 80’s hair/metal band Skid Row, and in support of Sebastian is guitar impresario Monte Pittman.
Monte Pittman pic
For those that aren’t familiar with Monte Pittman, he had been in several bands in his home state of Texas then moved to Los Angeles. His rise to fame began when Guy Ritchie then husband to Madonna, yes that Madonna of “Like a Virgin” fame, received a guitar from her as a gift and he went to Pittman for lessons. So, Guy Ritchie returned the favor, bought her a guitar and she too went to Monte Pittman for lessons. She was so impressed with his incredible playing that she made him the guitar player in her band. In addition to his duties with Madonna, in 2000 he was introduced to Tommy Victor of the hard rock band Prong and subsequently joined that band. If that isn’t enough, he also has released several solo albums as well.
Tonight, he and his band are showcasing songs from his two latest releases on Metal Blade records, “Between the Space” and “Better or Worse”. Hitting the stage with his band he dove right into “A Dark Horse” from his 2014 release “The Power of Three”. Right from the beginning the crowd knew they were in for a special night as Pittman’s playing was on fire. Next up was “Arisen in Broad Daylight”. Wow! The opening chords of this song knocked everyone back on their heels. The crowd was in amazement at his insane guitar technique. For those that were beginning to think that this guitar wizard, was limited to electric guitars, he shifted gears and picked up an acoustic guitar to play “Depth Perception” from his latest release “Better or Worse”. One thing that is striking is that not only is he a great guitarist and songwriter, but his vocals are great too! Rounding out his set, he played “Everything’s Undone”, “Skeleton Key”, and “Before the Mourning Son”. Judging by how the crowd reacted to him, he definitely picked up many new fans and thoroughly loved his set.
Now it was time for Sebastian Bach to hit the stage. For sure he is not shy about playing the classic songs from his Skid Row days. When his band hit the stage and launched into “Slave to the Grind” from Skid Rows album of the same title, and Bach hit the stage like he was shot out of a canon, the crowd went nuts!! You felt like time had turned back and you were totally back in the day. With his microphone having a set of brass knuckles on it, you knew he meant business tonight. With almost thirty years since the release of Skid Row’s first major label album, one thing stands out. Sebastian Bach can belt out all his songs just as well as he did when they were first released. With a set that relied heavily on Skid Row’s monster hits like “Here I Am”, “18 and Life”, “Big Guns”, “The Threat”, “Piece of Me”, and “Rattlesnake Shake”, he gave the crowd exactly what they wanted. For sure he can hit all the same notes just as he always has, and the crowd was loving it! A very nice touch was when he dedicated the song “I Remember You” to all the rock stars that have died this year. When it came time for the encore, he played the Skid Row mega-hit “Youth Gone Wild”, which had the crowd singing along the whole time. The last song of the night was “The Hell Inside My Head” from his 2014 release “Give ‘Em Hell”.
This was a fun night of music. Sebastian Bach delivered the goods tonight. He never missed a beat and sounded as good as he ever has. His set gave the fans exactly what they wanted a night full of the songs the he helped to make famous. Not only did everyone get to experience Sebastian Bach at his best, they got to see an absolute guitar master in Monte Pittman. As everyone in attendance found out, he is a true triple threat; from singing, to his songwriting, and of course his impressive guitar prowess, he amazed everyone in attendance. So, keep an eye out for both of these amazing talents and catch them live.