Van Canto to release new studio album “To the Power of Eight” on June 4th 2021

The world’s most exciting acapella metal masters Van Canto return with their energetic and unique Rakkatakka-power and are set to release their highly anticipated, eighth inimitable offering, “To the Power of Eight”, on June 4th, 2021, via Napalm Records.

Prepare for an outstanding vocal offering smashing in with full force! The record marks another milestone in the band’s impressive career and presents Van Canto as a coherent entity stronger than ever!

Van Canto release music video for third single “Neverland”

On their third single Van Canto set out to find their “Neverland”.

It’s the last official video for their new album “Trust in Rust”, which will be released this Friday, August 10th.

The song celebrates in best Van Canto style the importance of self-belief. The band got active support from a few of their lovely fans, who act in the video.

The band comments on “Neverland”:

Van Canto release music video for second single “Melody”

With the second single “Melody”, from their seventh studio album “Trust in Rust”, Van Canto presents itself in their signature style: Choral arrangements, many dynamic changes, power and positivity, strong voices and of course plenty of melodies.

In every part of the song the main melodies shine and it’s no coincidence that the star of this single isn’t one of the seven band members, but the “Melody”.

The band sums it up:

Van Canto release lyric video for first single “Back in the Lead”

With “Trust in Rust” the German metal a-cappella masters Van Canto will release their seventh studio album via Napalm Records on August 10th, 2018.

Today Van Canto, releases a lyric video for the first single “Back in the Lead” from their new album “Trust in Rust”.

The lyric video can be watched below.

About the first single, the band said the following: “It's been more than 2 years after our last tour, this song wraps it up - we want to sing and are just happy to be "Back in the Lead"!”...

Van Canto to release new studio album “Trust in Rust” on August 10th 2018

On August 10th, 2018, the German metal a-cappella masters Van Canto will release their seventh studio album: “Trust in Rust”.

Since 2006 they have brought pure vocal power to the metal world. Now made up of seven members, “Trust in Rust” covers a wide stylistic range from melodic to bombastic, showcasing their own takes on ballads, hard rock ballbreakers and speed metal anthems.

Covers, ranging from Helloween’s “Ride the Sky” (feat. Kai Hansen) to AC/DC's “Hells Bells”, give listeners a completely fresh glimpse at the vocal crew.

Van Canto - Voices of Fire

Van Canto are a joke that has gone way beyond its sell by date, but still it seems to be “selling”? They started by covering stuff and doing small time appearances and their gimmick? They would be an all vocal ensemble (later added drums) imitating all instruments with vocal-isms. Yeah interesting for maybe a viral YouTube video, but a decade and some five, six counting this one releases later that have actually charted high enough, shows that the world is a sucker for “bizarre” things and not necessarily originality.

Van Canto announces new album “Voices of Fire” - due out in March 2016

In 2006, Van Canto surprised the world of metal with a revolutionary idea: to perform metal music with vocals and drums only. Nine years later, after five top 20 releases in Germany, sold out headlining tours throughout Europe and festival performances taking the band from Wacken to Australia, Van Canto now mark a new chapter in the story of “metal a cappella”: Vocal Metal Musical.

Van Canto - Dawn of the Brave on February 7th 2014

Van Canto’s new album, “Dawn of the Brave” will be released February 7th, 2014.
The band revealed the tracklist, the cover artwork & the release date of the new album.
1. Dawn of the Brave
2. Fight for your life
3. To the mountains
4. Badaboom
5. The Final Countdown (Europe cover)
6. Steel Breaker
7. The Awakening
8. The other ones