Dyrewolf - Dyrewolf

Admittedly, my knowledge of Manitoban heavy rock/metal leaves much to be desired. Aside from spotting the odd Propagandhi T-shirt amongst a (wacky) crowd back in college or fawning over Evil Survives’ killer “Die like a Samurai”, I’ve yet to musically sink my cuspids (i.e. canines) into Canada’s Easternmost Prairie province.

Blood Of The Sun and Lucifer live in London 2018

Lowen created a slow, deep and mystical doom folk metal meld. Nina’s long wavy hair, combined with her medieval style dress created a beautiful elven look. The second half of the set picked up the pace with a more rocky edge. Starting with the electric guitar taking the forefront, then the drums crash in for a fast and heavy solo. Nina joins last, with mystical yet almost Sci-fi esque wailing vocals.

VOJD - The Outer Ocean

“Rockular” acronym or initialism notwithstanding, Stockholm’s VOJD should readily appeal to fans of brash yet wistful Swedish traditional heavy metal, which often meanders into equally ravenous instances of retro-rock revelry where down-to-Earth and concise, tuneful lyrics/vocals over searingly refined, mint blues solos built around melodically bumptious mid-tempo, oft fulminating, rhythms are the order of the day...