Blood Of The Sun and Lucifer live in London 2018

Blood Of The Sun cleverly combine 70s classic hard rock and heavy prog-rock. Mixing in classic guitar riffs and melodies with stoner rock vocals and one of their key unique elements is the electric organ solos. Their sound has changed and developed over the years as their formation constantly changes, creating a pool of musical talent. However, of course, the line-up always includes Gryder and Vasquez. Blood Of The Sun’s mission is to carry on the traditional classic rock style of the 70s. They were accompanied by the German heavy rock band Lucifer, who relased their sophomore full-length album in July 2018. And they are fronted by the lovely Johanna Sadonis from The Oath.
Blood Of The Sun EU Tour 2018 poster
Lowen created a slow, deep and mystical doom folk metal meld. Nina’s long wavy hair, combined with her medieval style dress created a beautiful elven look. The second half of the set picked up the pace with a more rocky edge. Starting with the electric guitar taking the forefront, then the drums crash in for a fast and heavy solo. Nina joins last, with mystical yet almost Sci-fi esque wailing vocals.
Blood Of The Sun hit the hard rock straight off the bat. The vocals are and raspy, with an almost blues feel. The keyboard adds a new and quirky sound which is symphonic organ-esque. They bring with them the 70s American look, complete with denim flares with the USA flag patch. A single fiery orange light hits Mark the vocalist, with the rest of the band in opposing cool blue.
He calls out “I want to see some bodies moving, and some hips shaking”… and then the drums and electric guitar start off a funky rock ‘n’ roll beat. It was a great combination of heavy yet bouncy. It gets your feet tapping and hips swaying. The next song starts with a slow beat, slowly building up. They get the crowd to join in and clap along, then Mark scream “Let’s go!”… and they launch straight into another hard hitting rock song. As one song ends the drummer immediately smashed straight in the next, keeping the audience on their toes. They manage to skilfully find a balance between strong and heavy yet still fast and energetic.
As the singer points and gesture in my direction, I fumble for my camera to try and get the shot. But came out a bit blurry sadly. The metal drummer in the background adds a heavier layer and gives the rock some edge. He screams as he smashes the drums and cymbals. “This is our last song, so get your hands up”! Of course the hands and horns shot up. The audience made the most of the last song, dancing, jumping and singing along. They ended on an incredible drum solo and a final double cymbal crash. As he rises his hands up and the crowd are set ablaze with raucous applause.
The stage started pitch black with eerie and ominous music playing slowly. They start facing the back then with crash of the cymbals the lights go up and they turn around. “Hello London! It’s a pleasure to be here”, shouted Lucifer! They matched Blood Of The Sun in full 70s spirit with flared trousers, fringing and paisley shirts. Johanna joins in on tambourine, as well as vocals, dancing about to the electric fast riffs. When she raises her arms, the white fringing hangs down like wings. And when the light catches her long golden hair, she’s transformed into an angel of death. They played a song from their new album, “Dreamer”. With the guitarist joining on backup vocals. She shouts out to the audience as she takes a swig from a wine bottle. And she dances about the stage, flicking her hair back and forth. The drum beats in the next song and the crowd shouts “hey-ho, let’s go!”… they hit in with some faster songs that get the band and the crowd to start jumping about and dancing. And all too soon there’s a rumble on the drums and crash of the cymbals, which marks the end.
But of course, not for long, as the crowd chant, “Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer!” and they can’t say no to their fans, so they reappear with the singer adding the cheerful “we’re back”! They give the audience another deep and crashing song. With an added glam metal twist. Johanna slides her hands up and down the mic stand as she dances and twirls, with many rocking head-bangs. They pause, and people think it is all over, and start to clap. Then they smash back in with a high tempo rocking second half.
Blood Of The Sun and Lucifer complimented each other well, as both combine element from 70s rock revival and heavy rock, each with their own unique twist. Blood Of The Sun also brings elements from heavy prog-rock, stoner vocals and organ solos. Conversely, Lucifer take inspiration from doom, proto and hard rock and metal. They really brought a great energy and are definitely keeping the 70s alive; at the end of each Blood Of The Sun song there’s a proper cymbal crash and they each strike power poses.