Wolfsbane - Wolfsbane Save The World

Wolfsbane Save The World
Howling Mad
Wolfsabne, for those who aren’t aware of them, was formed in 1984 in the UK and they have released 3 studio albums, “Live Fast, Die Fast” (1989), “Down Fall the Good” Guys (1991) & “Wolfsbane” (1994). Then, in 1994, after the release of the band’s self-titled album, Blaze Bayley, the vocalist, joined Iron Maiden… where he gained fame & fortune during those 5 years that he was part of this legendary band. I remember reading and hearing various comments whether Blaze was the appropriate guy for Maiden but I must confess that “The X Factor” was/is a very enjoyable album (possibly the best Maiden work after “Fear Of The Dark”) that I listen to even today.
Wolfsbane are back with a new album after 18 years… with the same “classic” line-up they have had since their early days, consisting of Blaze Bayley (voice), Jase Edwards (guitar), Jeff Hateley (bass) and Steve “Danger” Ellett (drums). They did return playing rock music with both harder references and more rock n’ roll ones… with a free bulk rockin’ attitude… but with no inspiration at all. This album is kind of dull. Songs that you can hardly remember after several spins … not one fine refrain… not one song to shake you up… after all, isn’t that what (hard) rock & roll music is supposed to do to you? I have heard the album for almost 5 times and still cannot choose a song that I like the most… neither can I remember any single hookline. Sorry guys, but it seems that this record was written hastily, without giving a shit about the result… it’s like hearing the band jamming for 45 minutes… just to have a good time. The production is OK… but it could have been definitely better… it adds no points to the whole work generally.
I do not know how many fans Wolfsbane have nowadays… but surely, they won’t get any new ones with this album…  neither will the older ones be pleased with Wolfsbane Save The World”… and in the very end… which world did they save with this work… ours or theirs?