Wild Frontier - 2012

Wild Frontier
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The only thing that you can’t find in this band is consistency when it comes to releases. They mostly release albums whenever they feel like… and that’s not actually bad… although staying away from the scene for years may prove to be truly dangerous, especially in our time. 5 years after their previous album, “Bite the Bullet” they are back with “2012”. Once again, the cover artwork is indifferent but that’s how all the cover artworks of this band are… even though, I can’t see any profound reason to that…
The good thing is that these guys are not affected by any trends and they stay true to what they like. So, melodic rock with AOR and hard rock music are blended together and what we’ve got is a tasteful album with catchy hooks, a rockin’ production and nice music generally. Simplicity is the beauty on bands like Wild Frontier but the memorable refrains and pleasant song arrangements are their strongest part. Several songs from this album will stick on your mind and you’ll sing along after a while… and that’s what I always liked about this band. My personal highlights are: “To The End of the World”, “It’s All Over Now” (the first video of the band), “Another Lonely Day Without You”, “Why Don’t You Save Me” (this one will be the second video of the band), “Stay Tough”, “Favorite” (love the girlie choir on the song), “It’s All Up to You” (which has a “modern” flavor), “Can’t You Hear Me Calling” & “Why are the Good things Too Hard to Find” (wonderfully sensational tune) but you will surely find your own favorites here… no doubt about it. There’s a fine cover of Abba’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme”… as a bonus track in the album.
Those who already know the band won’t be surprised by the music quality of this album… as all the band’s releases are enjoyable indeed... so “2012” is no exception to that. As for those who haven’t heard of the band before… I’m quite sure that they will be nicely surprised by this album. It’s never late to learn and support a band that knows how to deliver qualitative & pleasurable melodic rock/AOR music…