White Pigeon - Property of White Pigeon

White Pigeon
Property of White Pigeon
Independent Release
Starting out in 2009 by Chris Nugent in Guildford, UK, White Pigeon soon took shape by adding the drummer Joe Yoshida, the guitarist Jon Antony, the bassist Eoghan Logue and the charming twin vocalists Nathalia and Natascha Sohl on its ranks. Natascha had previous music experience as she had released various singles and two full-length albums in the past. Anyhow, White Pigeon are moving around Chris, as he is the mastermind and the songwriter.
The first time I came across the band was when I saw the wonderful and hilarious video for “Don’t Get Too Close (Squash Song)”. Hence, you may wonder what you will get as soon as you play this album… huh? Elements from rock & roll, hard rock, classic rock, glam rock, pop-rock are all blended together with a satirical/funny mood. The guys do not take themselves too seriously and that’s the good part of it. Additionally, the beautiful voices of the attractive twins are enriching the band’s musical context a lot. The production is also crunchy and rockin’. The album was engineered & mixed by Jonas Jalhay & Aaron Taylor (tracks 5 & 11), produced by Chris Nugent, Jonas Jalhay & Aaron Taylor (tracks 5 & 11) & mastered by Julian Lines @ Digital Angel Mastering. They all did a very good job indeed! Ohh, and what can I say about the marvelous cover artwork…
The debut features 5 new tracks, along with the 5 “old ones” (revisited, re-mixed & re-mastered) from the band’s first EP, “Sea Devil”, “Don’t Get Too Close (Squash Song)”, “Ladies”, “Get Me Outta Here” & “White Pigeon”. As soon as you play the album, you will notice that fresh, funny, rockin’ & playful attitude of the band. Some tunes may be more appealing than others, but the band is in the right way and knows where to move and what its strong points are, so as to improve ‘em even further in the future. If they take a bit more care of their hooks and keep it up like this, then they will do so much better in the years to come…