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Warrior Path
Warrior Path
Symmetric Records
Warrior Path is a Greek project band spearheaded by guitarist Andreas Sinanoglou, which features ex-Wardrum and current Beast In Black vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos, along with contributions by Bob Katsionis (Firewind, ex-Serious Black) on bass, keyboards & guitars along with a chap by the name of Dave Rundle on drums.
It’s a mix between Dio inspired classic heavy metal crossed with proto Italian power metal. It’s ridden with heavy metal clichés, plagued by average “mailed in” performances, a rather okay but uninteresting mix, which makes it sound closer to a really polished demo, rather than a proper release, and un-necessarily long songs with some good ideas that is evident that the efforts of the “guests” have elevated to an acceptable level.
“Riders of the Dragons” has some decent ideas, which don’t justify its over seven minutes duration.
“The Hunter” has a couple of interesting riffs and verses, with Papadopoulos trying to make it all work, but ultimately is let down by a dodgy chorus and too many verses that don’t really seem to work… there are a few slower melodic songs that really don’t work, as Papadopoulos really sings simple vocal lines, he doesn’t seem to be too much invested in.
The “songs” are barely there, with the whole release feeling more like an effort to cash in, on Papadopoulos newfound fame in Beast In Black. But this is poorly written and bedroom produced heavy metal and not some expertly produced bombastic disco-rock and it shows.
“Path of the Warrior” and “Mighty Pirates” have their moments, but they’re as cliché as their titles would suggest.
Overall even if Yiannis is making shop with the Beast, this ain’t no beauty, that could hope to ride on his coattails. There are some half decent ideas, but a lot more thought should go into the songs and arrangements to keep this from being as forgettable as it is.