Voidnaut - Nadir

Voidnaut Nadir cover
7Hard Records
Voidnaut is a newcomer from Greece that was initially formed by guitarist Kostas Krikos and vocalist Steve Venardo and started out as a small project. In 2015 the band took shape as drummer Kostas Alexakis (Acid Death) and bass player Kostas Tasakos (ex-Double Square) joined in and they started working on their debut release.
Were I to guess where this band comes from, I’d bet they had come all the way from the US. The band’s sound is heavy, punchy and fully American… it is mostly influenced by bands like Pantera, Stoner Sour, Disturbed, Damageplan, Five Finger Death Punch, Machine Head and so on. The production is powerful and beefy; the album was mixed and produced by Fotis Benardo (SixforNine ,ex-SepticFlesh) at Devasoundz Studios and mastered by Steve Lado (Tardive Dyskinesia). Also the track “Damage Done” features guest vocals by Fotis Benardo (SixforNine ,ex-SepticFlesh) and a guest guitar solo by Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Ooutloud).
Even though this is a debut album, it’s easy to say that this is a hard working band with top-notch musicianship. I like the heavy guitars riffs, the great vocals (mostly melodic along with some growls), the stunning drumming and the solid bass lines on each track. Voidnaut know how to write forceful heavy songs with fine melodies. “Nadir” is a remarkable debut album, by a promising newcomer and surely not the band’s nadir… on the contrary, I must say. All those who fancy the American heavy sound should check “Nadir” out come what may…