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How do you feel that Ovtlier is taking part in the US tour along with Gemini Syndrome and AKC?
Joey: I feel great. I feel very fortunate because all the tours are trying to get out all at once. I am glad to get back out on the road. And for Gemini to select us is incredibly awesome. They’ve been awesome, super friendly and down to earth.
How did this tour happen?

Erra announces February 2022 European & UK Headlining Tour

Progressive metalcore outfit Erra is glad to announce the first headline European & UK tour for February 2022!

The tour includes label mates Hollow Front, Dayseeker and Brand Of Sacrifice as support acts.

“Our first-ever EU / UK headliner!”, says Jesse Cash. “By this point, it will have been a year since we put out our self-titled record, and over two years since touring overseas. My how we have missed you Planet Earth”.

Erra to release new self-titled studio album on March 19th 2021

Determination and steadfast dedication have defined ERRA’s path, forging a unique connection with an ever-growing audience, without the advantages of traditional recognition. Monumental riffs and enchanting melodies litter the cerebral, immersive soundscapes powering each of the progressive metal merchant’s albums, culminating in a career-defining fifth, boldly titled “ERRA”. The highly anticipated album sees its release on March 19th, 2021, via UNFD, their first for the label - pre-order and save here.

Hydrogyn to release new studio album “The Boiling Point” on October 30th 2020

It comes to that particular, heated up moment, where one just can’t keep it anymore. Like an Atom bomb waiting to explode by only a flick on the switch standing in its path of release, the time is right to set it off and watch the firework as the boiling point at its final peak.


Hi Kostas and welcome to Grande Rock. You debut album “Nadir” is truly remarkable. You did a great job on every part, kudos!
K: Thank you very much for the good words on our debut album and for hosting us in your ezine!
Hence, do tell us when and how the band was formed.

Voidnaut - Nadir

Voidnaut is a newcomer from Greece that was initially formed by guitarist Kostas Krikos and vocalist Steve Venardo and started out as a small project. In 2015 the band took shape as drummer Kostas Alexakis (Acid Death) and bass player Kostas Tasakos (ex-Double Square) joined in and they started working on their debut release.

Scarlet Aura releases music video for first single “Hail to You”

Romanian female-fronted melodic metallers Scarlet Aura will release their new album “Hot‘n’Heavy” on December 11th, 2018, via Sliptrick Records.

Today, Scarlet Aura and Sliptrick Records are proud to announce the release of “Hail to You!” – the first single from the upcoming Scarlet Aura studio album “Hot‘n’Heavy”.

Combination of fast tempo, catchy guitar riffs and powerful lyrics together with powerful and touching vocals could set this song as the next metal anthem for the new metal generation.

Scarlet Aura to release new studio album “Hot‘n’Heavy” on December 11th 2018

Romanian female-fronted melodic metallers Scarlet Aura are set to release their new album “Hot‘n’Heavy” via Sliptrick Records.

Today the band unveils the release date, album artwork and tracklisting!

With “Hot‘n’Heavy”, Scarlet Aura bring a heavy sound, darker and deeper lyrics and a state-of-the-art production, which takes the band into a new age melodic metal direction.