Victories At Sea - Everything Forever

Victories At Sea Everything Forever cover
Victories At Sea
Everything Forever
Static Caravan Recordings
Victories At Sea hails from Birmingham, UK. In 2013, the band released their first EP “In Memory Of” and now, after two years, they’re back with their debut full-length album.
“Everything Forever” is an amalgam of post-punk, pop, electro-pop, synth-pop, ambient & dance-pop music. Their influences include groups such as Mogwai, Factory Floor, Slowdive, The Chameleons, Depeche Mode, New order, Interpol and so on. The sound is characteristic of the 80s but with a modern touch.
I kinda feel that Victories At Sea stay on safe grounds and that’s partly reasonable since this is their debut release. They could have been more risky and avoid following the genre’s clichés that much. Then again, they first need to introduce themselves to the audience of the specific genre and then they have plenty of time to try out other things as well. Nevertheless, “Everything Forever” is a finely crafted album that the fans of the genre will enjoy quite a bit…