Undecimber - Seven Nights of Sin

Seven Nights of Sin
Downfall Records
Gothic lovers, let me introduce you to Undecimber – newcomers from Sweden and their debut album “Seven Nights of Sin”. The band is renowned in their home - country since they have written the soundtrack for horror writer Asa Schwarz’s literature plus, Doomfilms have used their music and they have appeared in the documentary movie “An Interview with a Goth”.
The band consists of: Lash (guitars), Mizzy (bass), Snakes (voxs / guitars) and Zkipper (drums). One and all in the band give a great performance both by delivering exciting guitar & bass mid tempo melodies and by the roaring drums & Snakes’ gravelly voice which, by the way, is extremely fit for a singer of the genre. Electro elements charmingly embrace the entire outcome giving the band an identity of their own. Of course, there are influences by Sisters of Mercy, The Mission UK, The 69 Eyes, Ikon, Tiamat (goth era), Type 0 Negative and Lacrimas Profundere among others but it is vital a band create their personal style and Undecimber have not failed to do so. Personally speaking, the most beautiful songs here are: “Death By Design”, “Demon My Love”, “Redemption” (my favorite), “Aiming Low”, “Take This Life” “Darkness” and “Poison Within”.
With seven satisfactory songs out of ten (the other three are decent too), I guess “Seven Nights of Sin” deserves attention by audiences that pant for listening to this kind of music or have become sick and tired of dealing with the same musicians over and over again. Were I in your shoes, I’d give it a chance… who knows, you may well like it!