Undecimber - Dead Inside

Undecimber Dead Inside cover
Dead Inside
Downfall Records
Formed in Stockholm in late 2007, gothic metal band Undecimber have gained recognition for writing the soundtrack for Swedish horror writer Asa Schwarz’s literature; they have also appeared in trailers and advertisements for her demonology series. A little bit of Sisters of Mercy a little bit of Bauhaus, a little bit of 69 Eyes, a pinch of Depeche Mode and Him, and just a touch of Rob Zombie. That’s what Undecimber sound like. “Dead Inside” is their second album. 
OK, the good news first. “Dead Inside” is the sort of album that flows seamlessly. I mean once I pressed play I had no problem listening to the whole record all the way through. It’s also really worth mentioning that while every song has its own identity, the album manages to maintain its dark atmosphere throughout.
Let’s move to the bad news now. The truth is that once “Dead Inside” was over, in no way could I recall any of its tracks. Not one title, not one word, not one melody. That can’t be a good sign, right?
This record, decent as it may be, it’s not memorable. I would say that it may be ideal for compilation CDs or mixtapes (if you’re really old-school) and for background music whilst doing chores, driving and hanging out with friends.