Ultra-Violence - Privilege to Overcome

Ultra-Violence Privilege to Overcome cover
Privilege to Overcome
Punishment 18 Records
Having taken their name from Death Angel’s debut “The Ultra-Violence, this newcomer band from Italy consists of young guys that worship the 80s thrash metal scene. At first, I thought that here we are with another band trying to “copy-paste” the 80s formula, as most bands of this new thrash metal movement of our time. After some careful listens I grasped that although these guys are on their early twenties, they have learned their lesson well and they are here to express themselves and present their own musical perspective.
The sound is sharp, heavy and dynamic, the riffs are there, their performances are very good and their whole 80s thrash style has been influenced by both the Bay Area & the European scene. Well, probably the US features are the majority but that’s not something to make you worry about. Definitely, they can’t bypass the clichés of the genre but I do like the way they deliver their tunes. They do not pretend to be more 80s than the 80s bands and they do not have a retro sound to make the whole thing more cult. Their production has a contemporary touch and you do understand that Ultra-Violence is a band of today.
I believe that they have been carried away by their youth on some things and they didn’t pay the proper attention, but that’s something they will fix on their upcoming releases. The album should have been around 40 minutes… that’s the way the “old thrash metal bands” used to do it and there’s a reason why. Nevertheless, these guys have the potential to go further… it’s up to them whether they make it or not. I just hope they learn by their mistakes and fix things as they mature along the way…