UFO - Seven Deadly

Seven Deadly
The “old dogs” of rock music… are back with a new work… their 21st album (if I can count well) in a 43-year-career! Currently, UFO consist of two original members, the vocalist Phil Mog and the drummer Andy parker…. along with the keyboardist/guitarist Paul Raymond and the virtuoso guitarist Vinnie Moore.
It’s true that “Seven Deadly” has a more rockin’ direction than “The Visitor” in 2009 which was sort of blues oriented. So, the band is back… playing its beloved hard rock music with some blues references as well. Wonderful vocals (Phil’s voice is still great), nice guitar solos and riffs and a more 70s atmosphere at times… give a fine time to old time followers of UFO.
Unquestionably, they could have delivered some more memorable tunes… and the songwriting isn’t as strong as it was in the 70s (when Schenker was in the band) but still “Seven Deadly” is a solid release… with an excellent production. “Burn Your House Down” is a fantastic moody rocker by the band… one of the best songs they have delivered in years and definitely one of the best songs of 2012… I just wish that there were more songs like this one in the album.