Trillium - Alloy

Trillium Alloy cover
Frontiers Records
If I said I didn’t grin from ear to ear when I was given this album for review, I would lie through my teeth… Amanda Sommerville (lead & backing vocals/keyboards) is such a renowned person from her previous collaborations with various bands (Avantasia, Epica, Kamelot, Angra, After Forever to name but a few) that writing a review became a most enjoyable task. Yet, what I didn’t expect to encounter was this great diversity Trillium has to offer. Amanda herself described it as “more like an expedition with my musical family to explore and celebrate the metamorphosis I’ve gone through as an artist over the past several years. Quite simply, “it’s my new baby”… and I can’t agree more.
Punctuated by great guitar riffs, instrumental as well as melodic sounds characterize the songs. The entire work is professional; quality production, distinctive melodies and a pretty wide selection of songs to suit every mood. With Amanda’s voice ranging from tenor to soprano, this hybrid of rock and metal differentiates from everything she has ever worked on so far. Her performance is great; this woman is endowed with a special talent! The moment you think the sounds are harsh and raw you get a sweet and serene feeling.
However, Amanda is not the only acclaimed musician in the project. Sascha Paeth (guitars, bass, keys and drums) and Miro (arrangements and keys) have worked on the production, songwriting and performances. Sander Gommans (guitars) participates as well. We can also hear Olaf Reitmeier playing acoustic guitar, Robert Hunecke on drums and Simon Oberender on Keys. Last but not least, Jorn Larde is a guest lead singer in a special duet with Amanda called “Scream it” which in my view, is one of the best songs in the album (I have to admit it is my favorite). “Utter Descension”, “Purge”, “Coward”, “Mistaken”, “Slow it Down” and “Love is an Illusion” which is a bonus track, are really good songs. All in all, the album is orientated towards people who wish to listen to enchanting music.