Thy Symphony - A New Beginning

Thy Symphony A New Beginning cover
Thy Symphony
A New Beginning
Sleaszy Rider Records
Symphonic heavy/power metal music, or just symphonic metal if you prefer, is a very elaborate, demanding and pompous music. It may sound like a “game” to some but it is neither that easy to play nor write a damn good tune. So, why am I saying all those things, huh? You will see…
Thy Symphony are coming from Brazil and they were formed in 2001. After 9 years, in 2010, they finally released their debut album and now their second release is already out. What has changed since the debut? Well, there are three new members on the band’s camp. Two new singers, the soprano Karina Bonizi & the male singer Leandro Baracho (Transcendent) and a new drummer, Eric Fleming. Here’s where everything which is good about this album stops and the torture begins!
Unluckily, Karina is much prettier as a lady than as a soprano. She doesn’t have a bad voice but she’s over the top at times and her accent does not appeal. Leandro is OK but nothing special… but the worst thing here, apart from the remarkably weak production (the guitars are somewhere buried), is the dull, cheesy & totally uninspired songwriting. I can’t stand it… I swear this is by far the worst symphonic wannabe metal album I have come across in the past 2-3 years. The symphonic instruments prevail through the album but there’s not a damn fine melody or a hook. The production must have been done in a home-studio or a laptop for if a proper studio delivers such a nasty sound then it should be closed by law! Is this the actual sound of a drummer set or a damn drum machine (programmed)?! Excuse me but there’s a long way to be covered in order to become a “real” band. This album could have been OK if it was released as a demo from an underground band that has been making its first steps on the scene… but not from a band that exists from more than a decade. No… no way… this album is too outrageously un-listenable, embarrassing and insipid… just like its puerile cover artwork! Avoid like shit!