Thirteen Shots - Black Smiles

Thirteen Shots Black Smiles cover
Thirteen Shots
Black Smiles
Undead Artists
Thirteen shots is a quartet of UK musicians indulging into some horror/psychobilly inspired garage punk, with all the clichés that this involves, werewolves, hearses and whatnot. It’s a whole subgenre, that has its very own scene and following. Imagine of Wednesday 13 and Murderdolls (who the funk remembers them nowadays anyway?) and all that crap with an occasional Danzig Darker moment, grittier and a bit wilder. It should have been catchy, as the genre on occasion offers some pretty catchy dittos, but things go downhill, almost as soon as the band introduces itself with the fast paced “Cobradeer” and the much heavier and slower “Run and Hide”. The occasional good riff and idea or melody are lost in an ocean of dissonance and dodgy vocals. When done well, the horror punk genre can be fun, but this is not quite my idea of it.