The Strigas - A Poisoned Kiss to Reality

The Strigas A Poisoned Kiss to Reality cover
The Strigas
A Poisoned Kiss to Reality
Southern Brigade Records
Can good gothic rock/metal music come from some other land rather than Finland? Were I to bet the origin of this band, I would say Finland… but then again I would have lost the bet by all means. The Strigas started in 2010, they come from Italy and they have delved into Finnish gothic rock/metal at such a grade that they do not remind of an Italian band whatsoever. That’s not necessarily bad in music.
The band signed with Southern Brigade records in 2011 and in 2013 some of their tracks were chosen for the official soundtrack of “The Crow: Shreds of Memories”. The band’s debut was recorded, mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Dentamaro (Golem, Backjumper, Godyva) at Golem Dungeon Studios. There’s also a guest appearance on “Falling Down” by keyboardist Botys Beezart of Godyva. The production is full, modern & powerful.
The Strigas are balancing between gothic rock & gothic metal. Sometimes they are kinda rockin’ while others they’re heavier. They have nice atmospheric parts on their songs but they are not as dark & gloomy as other gothic bands. Perhaps that’s the case cuz’ they’re “peeping” on the mainstream/commercial side of gothic rock/metal music. Influences by HIM, Entwine, To/Die/For, Negative, The Rasmus, Charon, Lacrimas Profundere and so on, can easily be spotted on their music. If you do fancy gothic rock/metal music and some of the aforementioned bands then you should probably give this new band a chance cuz’ they are good & they have potential. I guess they shall bother us more in the future…