Steel Panther - British Invasion

Steel Panther
British Invasion (BR)
Guitar Anarchy/Universal Republic
You know what this is dontchya? The LA feline ones made of Steel not of Clay, the only band that could make Manowar, rhyme g&y with a ball of hay (hey that rhymes anyway) and all that, tear Brixton Academy several new orifices and plunder them all!
STEEL PANTHER came out of Hollywood, a few years back, rising from the ashes of Metal Shop/Skool (who this dude did court as an A&R dude, way before anyone at Kerrang ever even heard of ‘em) and left their permanent mark on the scene by unleashing their debut on the scene back in 2009 with their superlative “Feel The Steel” opus, possibly one of the best debut of all times, regardless of the genre and one of the best heavy metal albums of all times. Definitely, the best album since Appetite hands down in the “Hard Rock” genre “pants down”!
Since then and after a couple of early forays into the British Isles – that were met with a resounding success (and yes – your dear writer – was there, to tell the tale) the band has made it an almost annual – if not bi annual affair, to visit Britain and as such they did take the rather lighthearted decision to make a live DVD/Bluray memento out of it!
Released almost a couple of years after the fact as it was originally filmed nearly some two years ago, the release features the full set of hilarious tongue in cheek songs filmed at Brixton Academy in 2010. (1. Eyes Of A Panther, 2. Eatin’ Ain't Cheatin’, 3. Fat Girl, 4. Hair Solo, 5. Party All Day, 6. Hell’s On Fire, 7. Stripper Girl, 8. Asian Hooker, 9. Turn Out The Lights, 10. Girl From Oklahoma, 11. We Want Pussy, 12. Community Property, 13. The Shocker, 14. Death To All But Metal.)
The band, who at that point only had their debut out, (plus the old Metal Skool/Shop EP) that was re-done partly and included in the debut anyway, sans a couple of songs an skits, pretty much does all the songs, plus the curio (digital only single “We Want Pussy)”. On Stage their un-f#$@#@#-touchable, bringing to mind a younger more energetic Van Halen. (It’s no secret that certain members of Steel Panteher were/are also featured in the VH tribute band Atomic Punk). There are a ton of silly antics, stupid, but funny as hell jokes and jests and fake-insults, between the band members and the crowd alike, but it’s all in good fun and you gotta have a really thick skin to NOT get it’s a joke! Really few, very few people seem to have a problem coming to terms with what the bands concept is all about. I suggest they get a life, or a wife, or if they have either, to give up the wife at least, cause if I’d suggest to give up the latter, I’d be sued from here to eternity! Right... having cleared that...
The sound’s great and the direction is good, although the camera work could probably have been a little better. The far away, stage shots “don’t work”, wider angle, closer ones, might have or crane ones, I dunno. The ones used, usually, just DON’T ! And sometimes, the editing, is a little choppy, but it’s not as bad as say “Steve Harris” editing! Hahahaha. No it’s fairly good, but it’s not as great as say, the job was on that “Whitesnake” thing that was released a few years ago with Mendoza (that was done by a true pro) that was a PRO edited/directed concert!!!
Anyhow... small quibbles aside the gig is only half the fun of this package! There are 5 songs from Download 2012 – so here you get: 1. Supersonic Sex Machine, 2. Community Property, 3. Tiger Woods, 4.17 Girls In A Row, 5. Death To All But Metal (feat. Corey Taylor from $hit-not/Stone Sour). Well I gotta admit that apart from possibly nailing the possibly best cover artwork of all times, with “Balls Out” the band didn’t quite manage to exactly duplicate the triumph of their debut, but at least they managed to produce a good color photocopy of a sexy secretary’s ass! (?!??!?! oooer missus) ehm, I meant to say of their debut. They are good as ever and ripped as ever and the jokes are funny as ever and the tits are popping out left and right in the crowd – damn, more titties that Motley must be getting out these days J oooooh ! That’s something ! At any rate… but still that’s not all possibly the DVDs or BD’s possibly best feature is the 30 minute documentary along with I dunno maybe some 10 minutes of deleted scenes! I normally HATE band documentaries and making ofs. I LOVED this! This is like SPINAL TAP turned all the way to 12, that’s 1, past 11, dude!!! The Tap, embellished with the PANTHER culture dude! YOU KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT! OR MAYBE YOU DON’T! But you’ve been warned!
Seriously, stock your stuffers, stuff your stalkers – steal one, but don’t let XXX-mas find you without one, even if you have to ask sexy Santa for one! It would be criminal for the world to end and for any of you, to not have not experienced THIS!