Quartz - Stand Up and Fight

Quartz Stand Up and Fight cover
Stand Up and Fight
Majestic Rock Records
This is a reissue of Quartz’s classic album that was released in 1980. Quartz belonged to the NWOBHM genre. However, and despite their very good music, they didn’t manage to enter the big league like Def Leppard or Iron Maiden and Saxon. Nevertheless their efforts have been distinct at that time.
Now fans of the sound can buy this album, that wasn’t very easy to find in LP. Quartz are not very close to the approach of Witchfynde, far away from Witchfynder General, not even close to Diamond Head and Praying Mantis, but relevant to Samson, Vardis or equivalent to the approach of Tygers Of Pan Tang and Demon. Straight heavy metal with many rock elements, based on melody and good refrains and less on skill and innovation. I have to mention that the production here is made by Tommy Iommi, while Ozzy makes some of the backing vocals. A very good release for NWOBHM lovers. You have to know your past in order to conquer the future.