Otherwise - Defy

Otherwise Defy cover
Mascot Records
“Olderwise”, as Adrian called it in our recent chat at Green Bay Distillery, has evolved and grown into a powerhouse of an anthem, in your face, try to defy band for the ages. They are far from “Older… Just Wiser”. And the album title does just that.
Straight outta Nevada since the early 2000’s… Otherwise – Adrian Patrick (vocals), Ryan Patrick (guitar), Tony Carboney (bass), and Brian Medeiros (drums) – are anxiously awaiting the drop their brand new album, “Defy”, on Friday, November 8th, 2019, via their new label Mascot Records.
“Defy” is the first album Otherwise will release through Mascot Records. Otherwise independently released a self-titled debut album, “Peace at All Costs” and 2017’s “Sleeping Lions”. Otherwise looked to producer Matt Good (Asking Alexandria) brought Otherwise on an eleven track path to give fans new songs that will allow them to hear good, solid music, both recorded and live.
Opening with a dubstep - esque “Bad Trip” dropped smoothly into “Money”, which I expect will be a hit. Another back-to-back strong cuts are “Don’t Even” and “Fame snd Fortune”, which melt metal and electronica with lyrics that speak about the impact of social media.
Other songs that are on the hotlist are, “Crossfire”, and “Picking at Bones”, which musically are phenomenal, and again, Adrian kills it in a way that you are wanting more and more from Otherwise.
I have listened to this album several times since receiving it, and I can’t stop listening! Let’s not wait two years for the next one from them!