Odd Dimension - The Last Embrace to Humanity

Odd Dimension The Last Embrace to Humanity cover
Odd Dimension
The Last Embrace to Humanity
Scarlet Records
Second release for the Italian progsters Odd Dimension and this time it is a concept album that’s dealing with the alienation of mankind when everything must be devastated in the name of progress.
Those who are aware of the band’s debut release will know of what they’re about to hear. Surely, the Dream Theater features are all over the place but there are also various heavy, power, prog rock (70s) and melodic references on their sound. The album was recorded by Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studios, mixed by Marco Barusso (Lacuna Coil, H.I.M.) and mastered by Alberto Cutolo at Massive Art Studios in Milan, Italy. The production is rather rich & clear. There’s also a guest appearance by Michele Luppi (ex-Vision Divine, Secret Sphere, Thaurorod) in the song “It’s So Late”.
“The Last Embrace to Humanity” is a solid release with fine ideas & great performances. The basic thing that these guys are missing is the memorable vocal lines. The album lacks on that filed quite a lot & fatefully it is fairly forgettable at long last. The song arrangements are very well-crafted but the vocal lines leave a lot to be desire. If only they managed to fix that drawback… their album would be way more attractive for other fans except for the prog ones.