October Tide - Tunnel of No Light

October Tide Tunnel of No Light cover
October Tide
Tunnel of No Light
Pulverised Records
After their long hiatus in the 00s, October Tide returned three years ago and have started working hard. This is the band’s second release since their comeback with “A Thin Shell” in 2010. Nowadays there’s also a former Katatonia member on the bass, Matthias Norrman, and a new singer, Alexander Högbom (Spasmodic, Volturyon).
Fredrik, the band’s mastermind, knows better than most guys out there, how to create dark & cold textures with atmospheric passages & melodic parts. But this time something went totally wrong. I can’t think of anything else cuz’ nothing works out the way it should here. The band’s atmospheric, melodic doom/death metal leaves much to be desired. It has become so ordinary, generic and uninspired that, at times, I thought I was listening to a newcomer who’s trying to make it through the day. Why? I was expecting so much more form this album but all I got is a bland, uninteresting thing with hardly any good ideas back and forth.
The production might be good and tight but nothing can save you as soon as boredom starts taking over. The more you play it the more you feel jaded and that’s so wrong. I don’t know what happened but I hope Fredrik gets back on the horse quite soon and start offering us gloomy (extreme) atmospheric diamonds as he used to do with Katatonia and October Tide back in the day…