Nik Turner - Space Gypsy

Nik Turner Space Gypsy cover
Nik Turner
Space Gypsy
Cleopatra Records
Nik Turner is a renowned artist who has had a spellbind music course over the years. Now, that he’s 73 years old, he has nothing to prove to anyone and plays the music he fancies the most. I’m also glad that Nik named the band after him and didn’t name it “Nik Turner’s Hawkwind”… that would cause several issues and would have given the right to the other Hawkwind founding members to go that way. Can you imagine having at least 3-4 bands under each founding member’s name including the original Hawkwind who are still active?!
“Space Gypsy” is the album which could have been released by Hawkwind at some point – or even today. Nik Turner returns to his roots. What else do you need?! Space rock, psychedelic, classic rock & progressive rock… all blended together like the old times. If you happen to be a youngster and have never heard of Hawkwind (is that even possible?) or you do not know what space rock is all about then Nik can initiate you into the space rock secrets. The 70s atmosphere is all over the album. The “wind effects” are present every once in a while (at times they have overdone it!), Nik’s amazing sax & flute are still hot and his “mystified” vocals will put you into the space game for sure.
Nik’s space companions are: Steve Hillage (Gong) on electric guitar, vocals & synthesizers, Simon House (Hawkwind) on violin, keyboards, electric violin & violin effects, Nicky Garratt (UK Subs) on bass, Jurgen Engler (Die Krupps) on synth, talk-box, guitar & keys and Jeff Piccinini (Chelsea) on bass & vocals. Moreover, the vintage 70s sound of the album is also warm & wonderful.
Some may argue that there’s nothing new here. But hey, what do you mean by saying “new”? Is it possible for a  guy like Nik Turner who (along with the other founding Hawkwind members) crafted the specific space/psychedelic rock sound of the 70s to play “anything new” or different?! What the heck?!! It is like asking from a bluesman not to play the blues… or Sabbath & Priest not to play metal… or Journey not to play AOR and so on. Let’s be honest and reasonable. “Space Gypsy” is way more “Hawkwind” and better than the latest Hawkwind albums. Does that hurt anyone’s feelings? It shouldn’t especially if you are an actual music lover.
It’s true that Nik’s sax & flute create beautiful soundscapes along the way and that’s the strongest point on this album. Tracks like: “Fallen Angel Sts-51-L”, “Joker’s Song” & “Time Crypt” are the epitome of space/psychedelic rock music. Simply magnificent. There are also smoother & mellower tracks like: “Coming of the Maya”, “Galaxy Ride” & “Eternity” which have a more obscure & enigmatic atmosphere. All things considered, “Space Gypsy” is a refined space/psychedelic rock album which will please the fans of the genre and especially the 70s generation. God bless Nik for all that he has offered to our beloved rock music through the years.