Mark Wingfield - Proof of Light

Mark Wingfield Proof of Light cover
Mark Wingfield
Proof of Light
MoonJune Records
Mark Wingfield is a guitar virtuoso from the UK. Even though he is not new to the jazz-fusion and prog rock circles, he doesn’t enjoy as much recognition as he should. Nonetheless, that ain’t a dissuasive factor for such brilliant musicians such as Mark. They do their thing and keep delivering the goods no matter if the majority of the fans get the inner message of such albums or not. Musicians like Mark play, compose and deliver music due to an inner need which leads to their personal “salvation”, if I may say.
“Proof of Light” is a progressive, atmospheric, technical, melodic, experimental, refined & artistic music work. Alongside Mark are: the renowned bassist Yaron Stavi (Robert Wyatt, Phil Manzanera, David Gilmour, Richard Galliano) and terrific drummer  Asaf Sirkis (John Abercrombie, Larry Coryell, Gilad Atzmon, Tim Garland, Jeff Berlin, Nicolas Meier). Now that’s a “killer music trio” in my opinion. The production is crystal clear and smooth. The album was recorded by Ru Cook at Lost Boys Studio, Cranfield, England, and mixed & mastered by Mark Wingfield at Heron Island Studio, Cambridgeshire, England.
The music chemistry among these three virtuosos is evident throughout the album. Certainly, “Proof of Light” is not for the average listener and will appeal more to musicians who like to broaden their musical horizons by listening to forward-thinking, beyond the standards and creative music at large. Certainly, Mark has offered that generously on “Proof of Light”…