Marbin - The Third Set

Marbin The Third Set cover
The Third Set
MoonJune Records
Being on the road is not as easy as it seems. Let alone having played more than 1000 (!) live shows in the last 4 years as Marbin has done! Can you even imagine that?! Hence, a live album was inevitable. The band gathered various live recordings from different places and days of the last couple of years and put them on this album. The album was recorded and mixed by Caleb Willitz and mastered by Brian Schwab. Not having known that this was a live album and not having paid attention to the applause at the end of each track, I could hardly believe that this is an “actually live album”. The sound is remarkably strong & full.
But excuse me if I did things in a different way and didn’t introduce the band first. I was carried away by the “live recordings” and the band’s superb performances. Marbin was formed in 2007 by the saxophonist Danny Markovitch and the guitarist Dani Rabin. If I’m not mistaken the band’s name may come from the first three letters of Danny’s last name and the last three letters of Dani’s last name. Since now the guys have released three studio albums and a live one. On “The Third Set” along with Danny and Dani we have Justyn Lawrence on drums and Jae Gentile on bass.
Musically Marbin can be characterized as a progressive, rockin’, jazz/fusion, ethnic, experimental, avant-garde band with several blues-rock & metallic bits here and there. More intense and rockin’ than the average jazz/fusion act and more progressive and experimental than all those “prog rock” bands that think they are jazzy, fusion and technical. I bet they give one hell of a show every time they play and the US residents should be very lucky to have them touring the country ceaselessly for years. It’s true that this kind of music does not address everyone and it’s hard to be comprehended by the average listener, who’s into the pop – fast-food – hits of the internet, TV and (web)radio. Honestly, I do not think that such musicians really give a shit about it too! They play and make music due to an inner desire that they cannot control… they don’t need to become “pop/rock stars”, “wear” beefsteaks on their heads, dress like aliens and do any kind of ridiculousness just to catch the audience’s attention. Instead, they perform like there’s no tomorrow almost all the time.
I could go on like this forever… but what’s the point?! Even though I’m not fond of “live albums” in general, I can say that I listened to this one without having the slightest complain. Sometimes I was so taken away by the members’ performances that my attention couldn’t be disturbed by anything at all. The “intro” of “Culture” brought the folk Greek music of the North on my mind (even though the guys claim that’s from the other side of the pond - sure but what about the roots of that Mediterranean Sea music?) and the sentimental, calm & charming “Northern Odyssey” is ideal for any time of the day.
“The Third Set” symbolizes a specific part of the band’s live shows (read the interview for more), but apart from that I’m pretty sure that it will particularly enthuse those who are into experimental, prog rock & jazz/fusion music…