Malrun - Two Thrones

Malrun Two Thrones cover
Two Thrones
Vicisolum Productions
Right before the release of their third full-length album, Malrun came across a major issue. Their vocalist Jacob Loebner – with his “trademark harsh/clean vocals” – is no longer part of the band. That’s certainly a thorny issue for the band. The official statement was “incompatible differences” – whatever that may mean! Anyhow the band has a specific plan to follow, so they moved on rapidly and announced their new vocalist Nicklas Sonne. I do not know how this album would have been with Nicklas on vocals but it would definitely have been somehow different from this one in a way.
“Two Thrones” is a decent album on the whole. Its intense/extreme and more atmospheric moments reminded me of their co-patriots Mercenary (before Mikkel’s departure). Still their softer parts bring numerous other acts on mind. This is where Malrun have gone astray according to me. They sound like so many other bands which are into that metalcore, atmospheric, extreme, melodeath, modern & alternative movement. No originality whatsoever and that’s where I start losing my interest. There are some quite fine ideas, the vocals are great, the performances are very good but that “identical modern sound” of our time leaves a lot to be desired. I just wish they had more character and personal sound. The production is superb though as it was delivered by the famed producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe).
If you like that modern sound of today, you will find various nice moments to revel in this album but if you’re looking for something more different and original, then you won’t find it here…