Lenore S. Fingers - Inner Tales

Lenore S. Fingers Inner Tales cover
Lenore S. Fingers
Inner Tales
My Kingdom Music
Lenore S. Fingers are coming from Italy and they took shape in 2010. Generally, this is an atmospheric, gothic rock/metal female fronted band. I know that there are numerous such bands around at the moment but that doesn’t mean we should not listen to new works from newcomers whenever we can.
What strike right away are the feeble mixing and the overall sound. For some uncertain reason the guitars are weak and not as heavy as they should. Federica’s voice and the drums are a tad higher in the final mix. The keys are OK, but the guitars (the acoustic guitars sound very good) and the bass are mostly buried. Due to the poor audio mixing it is hard to avoid a muddy general production.
On the songwriting part, the guys are following the “classic atmospheric & gothic” formula” even though they are not as gloomy, melancholic & depressed as one should be when dealing with this kind of music. LSF have chosen to be somewhat upbeat and positive. In the last part, they should work harder; they need to find exactly the sound they wanna have and mind the mixing & the final production more carefully. The sound plays a major role, especially in our time. They’ve got some fine ideas here and there but they ought to improve next time if they wanna go on…