Lacrimas Profundere - Antiadore

Lacrimas Profundere Antiadore cover
Lacrimas Profundere
Napalm Records
It was inevitable to happen. Sooner or later… or more precisely with every new album they were getting closer… to what they finally became! Why? What the hell happened to this band over the years? Was the HIM influence so significant to their musical evolution? Really?! How did a band that had some very good potential manage to be another gay gothic rock act that’s trying to pander to HIM’s fame & fortune?!!
Bittersweet “sad” gay gothic rock music proper for teen girlies who are in love with the gayVamps & the gayWolves of the Twilight saga (!) and watch the gayVampire Diaries on TV all day long! Swell! If you’re not on the category above, “Antiadore” has nothing else to offer. Unfortunately, Lacrimas Profundere, have lost the bet… but they can be more prosperous now that they are addressing to a newer & younger audience. Ya never know!
A great warm & full production, the exact clichés that you expect to hear from a gothic rock band, flat melodies, no hooks at all, no fresh ideas… generally, an album that can bore you to death and force you to become a vampire eventually so as to escape its perilous monotony! Now, that I’m thinking it over… were you to be a vampire, you would have been cursed to listen to this album eternally…so… Ohh Lord please deliver us!