Keldian - Darkness and Light

Keldian Darkness and Light cover
Darkness and Light
Galactic Butterfly Music/Perris Records
The truth is that I’ve been longing for a new Keldian album for quite some time now. You see 4 years since their previous one, “Outbound”, is not a small period, but the two masterminds behind Keldian, Christer Andresen (lead vocals, guitars, bass) and Arild Aardalen (synthesizers, vocals) are rather conscious when it comes to music… they do it for their own pleasure and for fun so they have no strings attached with any other things and they do not rush to release something when they do not feel like it. I know that the last thing may seem a bit weird, but that’s the “key” to releasing really good music for any bands/artists out there.
Keldian still blend various music genres together such as power metal, melodic metal, atmospheric metal, prog rock/metal, electro rock/metal, sci-fi metal, hard rock, pop/rock and melodic rock… and that’s what makes their music diverse, refined and imposing. “Darkness and Light” also features the talents of Jørn Holen (Vreid) on drums, Marit Lovise Rode on vocals (tracks 6 & 8), Vemund Osland on guitar solo (track 4) & co-solo (track 7), Helene Hande Midje on backing vocals (track 2,3,5,7,8) and Hjalmar Sivertsen Fronningen on backing vocals (tracks 2,5,7,8). The album was produced by the duo, recorded and mixed by Arild and mastered by Mika Jussila (Amorphis, Amberian Dawn, Angra, Apocalyptica, Avantasia etc.) at Finnvox Studios. The final outcome is tight, powerful and lush.
Keldian’s main characteristic is that both Christer & Arild fancy having catchy hooks and fine melodies, so all their tracks are full of them as always. It’s really strange how Christer & Arild can easily come up with some great melodies on their tracks, while some big and popular bands/artists can hardly deliver a fine track on their albums, especially nowadays. I think some popular bands should ask the duo not only to give them a few tracks but also to write some fine vocal melodies for their songs by and large.
I kinda think that “Darkness and Light” is the most complete and melodious album that Keldian have delivered to date. I do fancy every track on the album and it will be a pity, for these tracks, not to get some air-play in general. I prefer not to make any special reference to each track and let you have the joy to fully revel in them all. I will only say that the exceptional 12-minute “I’m the Last of Us” features all those elements that have made Keldian’s music so personal & distinctive… you won’t even realize how these 12 minutes have passed while listening to it! It’s more than great that there are still independent releases such as this one in our days and bands/projects like Keldian that actually love and write music from the heart without any restrictions. If you really fancy melodic rock/metal music with great hooks, then you should check out “Darkness and Light” right away… Music to Your Ears!