Jeff Scott Soto - Damage Control

Jeff Scott Soto
Damage Control
Frontiers Records
New solo work from JSS… an extraordinaire vocalist that has participated in so many bands and albums throughout the years that he has surely lost the counting! So, what has he got to offer us with “Damage Control”? To my surprise, the album is closer to W.E.T and JSS solo works “Prism” & “Lost In Translation”, with more melodic rock and AOR tunes. Jeff’s performances are magnificent as always… his voice is terrific… it is made especially for this kind of music.
The album features some guest appearances and writing contributions by Jamie Borger and Nalley Pahlsson (Treat), Casey Grillo (Kamelot), Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger) and the legendary Y&T vocalist/guitarist Dave Meniketti. It’s true that the sound is clear & sort of smooth but rockin’ as well…. while there some very good songs to enjoy here. My beloved ones are: “Give A Little More”, “Damage Control”, “Look Inside You Heart”, “Die A Little”, “If I Never Let Her Go”, “Bonafide”, “How To Love Again” & “Neverending War”. I think that “Damage Control” is among Jeff’s best solo releases… it is exactly what the fans have been expecting from him… melodic stuff with catchy refrains and an easygoing rockin’ edge. A very listenable and beautiful album… that makes us even more anxious about the new W.E.T. album which I think that if it’s gonna be at least equal to the debut, it will blow us away. Easily recommended for the JSS fans around the world.