Jeff Lynne - Long Wave

Jeff Lynne
Long Wave
Frontiers Records
What the hell is that? Somebody must be joking here… for if he does then it’s OK by me… but if they indeed sell this album to the fans then they surely doesn’t respect them at all.
I’m quite sure that the fans, weren’t expecting from Jeff to come back with a bland album of 50s/60s classics that lasts about 27 minutes! What a waste of time this one is! I still cannot understand why somebody will go that way. It’s easy to record some cover songs and go on… especially if you do not have any new material but what’s the point ofthat? Just, to show that you’re here, alive again & ready to do what?!
Undoubtedly, many fans were disappointed in this album, as myself, for I was hoping for some fine pop-rock & AOR tunes but instead I got an album that I’m never gonna play again. I’ll better listen to the original tunes than these tasteless covers. Jeff Lynne as a member of The Move and the guy who formed ELO should have known better than that… yet, we bear in mind that he was away from music for a long period. This album would have been just OK if it was the bonus second CD of a major release with new songs. Now, this album is simply unacceptable…