INK - Loom

INK Loom cover
Independent Release
INK has existed since before the turn of the millennium, a quartet coming from Alexandroupolis, Greece. They seem to cultivate a sound that falls between Tool and Alice In Chains, mid-era Soundgarden, Depeche Mode etc. A lot of Seattle scene influences but also a quite heavy psychedelic atmosphere. Based on rather more straightforward riffs. Their singer, Chris Tsantalis, is not exactly the steadier I’ve ever heard, inflecting almost uncontrollably in a bleat like way where one would expect proper vibrato that he sometimes manages to produce at higher volumes. However in conjunction with his timbre, the end result is not all that bad, but does tend to remind me a bit of Eddie Vedder, probably one of the worst singers ever.
However, the songs do have a particular charm, I must admit, despite the tempos never significantly rising or the general style being quite monotonous and without deviation. Tunes like “Rain”, “Persephone” etc. are quite hypnotizing and easily manage to precipitate themselves in your memory and stay there without the need for excessive effort of complex arrangements. Not bad overall, although their music is not my particular cup of tea.