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A Hero for the World
A Hero for the World
Jacob K Music
Well, it seems that these Swedish guys no matter where they find themselves to be, they can’t escape their metal roots in any case. This time it is a metal duo consisting of: Jacob Kaasgaard (vocals, keyboards, composer) and David Sivelind (guitar & bass) who come from Sweden but are now living in Philippines. Along with the help of virtuoso drummer Andy Gentile from Los Angeles, they recorded their debut homonymous album.
So what A Hero for the World is all about may some think? Take a bunch of Euro power metal bands (Helloween, Stratovarius, Edguy, Gamma Ray), enhance with the appropriate doses of epic, symphonic, anthemic & melodic metal (Avantasia, Angra, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Serenity etc.) and then you’re gonna have an idea of how AHftW sound like. Definitely, it’s better and recommended to just listen to the tunes below and everything will be much easier for you.
Jacob and David did all the work by themselves. They played all the instruments (except for the drums) and they mixed and produced the album at Paradise Power Studios in Philippines. Jacob also wrote all the music and the lyrics. The production is superb and has nothing to be jealous of from the productions delivered by great producers in Europe or the US. Ahh, I should not forget about the exceptional female singer, Louiebth Aratan, who does some vocals on the album. Her wonderful performances add an ethereal, beautiful touch to the final outcome.
The guys know what they want to achieve and how to do it eventually. I do not know if  being a full band so as to tour around is included in their future plans but I do know that they are capable of delivering tasteful melodies and great songs. There are enough epic-sympho-power metal tracks for the devotees of the genre here. My personal favorites though are the melodious epic tune (with the Japanese references and the amazing performance by Louiebth) “Free Forever” and the 10-minute opus “One Hope of Light”, which summarizes the whole album in an ideal way. The impressive cover artwork was designed by Jobert Mello (Sabaton, Primal Fear, Hysterica etc.)
Surely, one can say that this album came out of nowhere but I believe that the European as well as the US sympho-power metal fans will embrace it as soon as they come across it. “A Hero for the World” marks the beginning of a brand newcomer that’s ready & willing to take it all the way. Their first step is successful, discerning and gratifying…