Euro power

Kaledon - Altor: The King’s Blacksmith

Kaledon is a recognized Italian power metal band and I think it needs no special reference. “Altor: The King’s Blacksmith” is the band’s 7th release which tells the story the man who forged the sword that killed Mozul, the evil creature that upset the Kingdom’s peace & serenity in the last chapter of the saga. The guys have always been into epic concepts so they continue that legacy on this album too.

A Hero for the World - A Hero for the World

Well, it seems that these Swedish guys no matter where they find themselves to be, they can’t escape their metal roots in any case. This time it is a metal duo consisting of: Jacob Kaasgaard (vocals, keyboards, composer) and David Sivelind (guitar & bass) who come from Sweden but are now living in Philippines. Along with the help of virtuoso drummer Andy Gentile from Los Angeles, they recorded their debut homonymous album.

Vision Divine

Hi Olaf… I wanna show you gratitude for Vision Divine’s newest album. It seems that you finally made it. You did release the band’s best album to date…
O: Thanks a lot! You make me proud, ‘cause I know every band probably states the same every time they release a new album, but this time I really mean it and I’m really happy to see that everybody (fans and magazines) are thinking the same about it.
It’s obvious you took your time and gave the proper attention to all the parts so as to come up with such a strong release, right?