Grand Magus - The Hunt

Grand Magus - The Hunt cover
Grand Magus
The Hunt
Nuclear Blast
Having been around from more than 15 years… JB (vocals, guitars) & Fox (bass) are faithful to what they love best… and only the drummers seem to come and go while the duo is as solid as a rock. This time the new drummer is Ludwig “Ludde” Witt. Let’s hope he stays with them a lot more than his predecessors.
Honestly, did anyone who knows the band expect any kind of changes in the music style? Of course not… do not fool yourselves… the trio is still delivering hard rock/heavy metal music with 70s-80s heavy rock (stoner is the same) & doom (Sabbath doom) influences. The Sabbath & Spiritual Beggars references are enough to give a hint of what one should expect from Grand Magus to those who haven’t heard of them before. The production, which was done by Nico Elgstrand is good and rockin’ and has a sweet 70s edge.
The more melodious approach of this album won’t disappoint the fans of the band… not even the hardcore ones… I think. The album does have some fine tunes such as: “Sword of the Ocean”, “Valhalla Rising”, “The Hunt” & “Son of the Last Breath” (the best & most different song of the album). “The Hunt” may not be as good as the previous one, “Hammer of the North”, but it’s another decent work from the band in general.