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Freedom Slaves
Freedom Slaves
Independent Release
Freedom Slaves are are an Italian quintet who began their course as a heavy metal cover band in 2005, while still in school, covering all the classics. A couple of singers and a demo later they met Daniel their current vocalist and begun composing what would become their debut album.
They recorded the album themselves and have done a decent job, in doing so. Obviously, a bigger budget, would have allowed them a better result, but for a solo effort, their instrumental mix doesn’t lack clarity, but it definitely lacks the punch a bigger studio and what an experienced produced might have achieved. There are, I suppose, the different musical influences that each of the band members bring to the band’s sound that define the sound into what can be perceived as a cross between classic and modern rock with progressive tendencies. Later day Pain of Salvation, would be a close enough parallelism, but then again they are Swedes and not Italians so you’d have to imagine how they’d sound if they were very young and at some point in time they were! This bunch is a bit more wet behind the ears than what the Swedes were, too, because they were almost ready to go when they debuted, they actually almost instantly were primed to the sky, even if it took the public a couple of albums or so to get wind of them. Here things are a lot more demo-ish. But there are good ideas, in abundance.
The atmosphere is a bit moot and moody and things are minor sounding, but I guess that’s a little expected of these modern day, urban prog melancholic paeans, that bands decide to compose, these days. I suppose it’s a conscious decision, a reflection of the everyday decaying and even more dire reality we live in. Freedom Slaves are laying the ground works for something potentially interesting, they are laying some strong foundations and if they work hard, they could end up somewhere. Not hapless, hopeful, but at this point, it’s not exactly something you’d exactly write home too excitedly about either. Could turn out either way, but if they would manage to sort of get a bit more concentrated, I’m sure, they could do well. Anyone who has the drive to do something on his own and doesn’t do half as bad, like this guys have – really shows DESIRE and desire, shouldn’t be put down at least early on, well if you’re going nowhere, it’s good to be told so, but this is not the case here... at any rate... so let’s see...