FerreTT - In Through the Out Door

FerreTT In Through the Out Door cover
In Through the Out Door
Independent Release
WTF! I was intrigued to see the pictures that came with this promo and immediately I thought, Italians and comedy band… boy was I wrong on probably both accounts? They come from NY – but they could be Italian-Americans still and they might be over the top, but not exactly “comedic” in nature, although I wouldn’t just take them too seriously, either...
Now their second full-length album has the apt title “In Through the Out Door” (not to be confused with Led Zepplin’s album sharing that name). Think AC/DC, Piledriver, Tankard, Twisted Sister, Ratt and anything rough n ready in the sleazy metal side of the tracks ie Skid Row, Gang Roxx, Helix etc, RnR inspired, turned to 11 and on its head.
The spoken intro of “Year of the Ferret” is a bit like “Sloppy Seconds”, but it soon, goes straight into metal craziness with some of the most toe-curling lyrics you’ve ever heard. Totally “over the top”…
“Thirsty” is equally stupid… good fun.
“Boys Night Out (on Gay Street)” is probably as fucked up as the title would suggest, with political correctness going straight out of the window. It even features a guest vocal by Danny Nelson of Malignancy (who are an extreme death band)… it’s intentionally hilarious and I’m guessing some of the verses are pretty catchy… a bit reminiscent of early Warrant this one.
I was thinking “Canadian Hookers” must have been the Maple counterparts of Steel Panther’s Asian ladies of that variety, but think more of a Helixarius and hilarious number.
“On My Way” sounded a bit like Mӧtley Crüe with even worse vocals if that’s possible! Hehe. It tries to be a ballad… but it sounds more like a dodgy and drunk up Brian Johnsson taking the piss at singing one. Bizarrely it’s blessed with a nicely phrased solo.
“Jason Lives”… you might have already guessed where this comes from – tries to be spooky and tie in with the movies, a bit too up-tempo rock n roll for the not too fast masked serial killer… let’s say I was always a fan of “Freddy” as well…
“Jobber” wastes a beautiful riff as soon as the vocals roll in… and is not much different than most of the fare on this album…
“Casual Encounters” has a bit more of a 70s vibe to it, and starts of promisingly – but doesn’t manage to really have any true staying power.
“Orangutan Gigantus” easily demonstrates how much you shouldn’t take these fellas too seriously… and I kinda feel bad for the neat guitar work that gets wasted on here.
Lastly comes the title track, “In Through the Out Door”, a somber and long song – almost nine minutes long… it’s got a couple of neat ideas that would have really taken off with a serious singer, but are now pretty wasted with their current vocalist just screeching his way through. Another pretty neat solo in its middle too similarly gets lost in the shuffle.
If they change the singer they have, for a more charismatic one, I guess they might prove interesting enough despite the questionable dress code… but currently I’d advise to give them a listen but not get too invested.