End of September - End of September

End of September
End of September
Ulterium Records
One more Swedish female-fronted metal band… and it’s clear that no one can stop the female metal tsunami for sure. End of September were formed in 2009 by the guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Erik Tordsson … and after some line-up changes they started working on their debut album.
Setting the bar high from the very first moment… End of September are claiming a position in the big league. Influenced by the likes of Within Temptation, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Paramore & Delain… they’ve blended modern metal with gothic, symphonic & atmospheric elements and a few extreme features as well. What’s good here… is that the guys do like to present their own songs and not just some copy-paste tunes from the aforementioned bands. Heavy guitars, powerful rhythm section, atmospheric keys & piano, nice melodies and Elin’s warm & beautiful voice… are making the whole scene rather pleasant. Probably, the very few death growls will be extinct in the future as the audience they address to… is not quite used to extreme metal passages. The very powerful and modern production is something that gives the band extra points… especially if we bear in mind that this is their debut and they have actually done lots of things pretty well.
They’ve entered the scene with power and confidence… that’s for sure… so let’s hope their next steps will be just the same if not better. Undeniably, they’ve decided to play in a championship which is dominated by some very big names… that sell more than satisfactorily… no matter if they deliver something good or not. Thus, the hard part for End of September has just begun… they will start touring extensively… with other bands of the genre… and their follow-up album must be better than their debut in every aspect. I wish them luck for they have potential to do well. Nonetheless, “End of September” is a very strong debut that knocks Evanescence & Lacuna Coil’s latest works…