Encyrcle - Encyrcle

Encyrcle cover
Unspeakable Axe Records
Encyrcle is a Danish quintet that has an old school, speed thrash power metal orientation, a decent enough production for the given style and decent enough chops to deliver the goods again within the “limits” of the genre’s predictable vicinity. They have simple but effective riffs and solos, which are easy on the ear, and their drummer must have 2 speeds he plays in, fast and hyper. You can imagine a style, between the early couple of Slayer albums, but with an even more heavy metal touch about it, a bit like that Onslaught album that featured Steve Grimmet on vocals, sans the vocals being that good.
Stylistically they fulfill what they are set out to do, nicely enough, without however setting the world on fire. If you like Enforcer, Skullfist etc at the most speedinous, you’ll probably like these guys too, but then again, I started appreciating the latter once they started mixing up tempos a bit more... because on the few slower, mid-tempo songs (which still are not slouches) Encyrcle is just not as convincing as they are when they kick in high gear. Fair enough debut, that “true” and “retro” metallers, will totally have foam coming out of their mouths for, but it has its flaws, which it tries to override, by sheer speed, most of the time. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Still worth checking out though, if you sort of like that “old school” style.