A Devil’s Din - Skylight

A Devil’s Din Skylight cover
A Devil’s Din
Island Dive Records
A Devil’s Din is a trio of Canadians that seem to love psychedelic stuff ranging from the “weird” Beatles to Happy The Man to Syd Barrett led Floyd and so many other things in between. Mostly following soft and hypnotic patterns, they will also sometimes launch into pretty epic melodies underneath it all born out of their love to bands like Sabbath, The Who, and Led Zeppelin, as well as the boundary-pushing adventure of Yes, Gentle Giant and King Crimson. Quite an unusual combination in modern music to go for a clear recreation of such a 70s sounds, without caring to sound up to date.
Instead of being retro-futurist, these guys enjoy sounding frozen in time… but without sounding like fossils from that era. Following up their 2011 debut “One Day All This Will Be Yours”, “Skylight” pics up the tripping element of the debut while exploring deeper into the acid temple.
Heavy, fuzzed-out guitar riffs come out in every corner, with the hypnotic vocals sounding like a lazier version of Arthur Lee. You get the picture… this album feels like slow but rather pleasant acid trip, like watching the colors melting during sunrise or sunset at some solitary bitch, while feeling connected with the whole universe in a way that normal consciousness can never achieve. All of the 9 songs weave nicely into each other, creating quite the experience. This trippy and I like it – don’t mind it at all…