Dark Tranquillity - Construct

Dark Tranquillity
Century Media
Those who have been following the band since the beginning know that DT do have a certain music quality in their music and like to progress. Of course, at a certain point, they’ve gotta serve the genre they also helped create and I’m talking about melodic death atmospheric metal music. But let’s not put it at very narrow margins.
Sometime after the splendid “Damage Done”, I gave up on DT. They were OK but they couldn’t excite me anymore even though I did listen to various songs from their album every now and then. At that point, In Flames managed to win the race and become even more popular and successful although a number of fans accused them of being too “commercial” and soft after a certain point.
In any case, DT seems to be reaching out for more and that’s obvious in “Construct”. They’ve made their “experimental” circle and now they’re ready for more. That’s probably the reason why “Construct” is a very good compilation; it features the band’s 00s characteristics. Assuredly, the melodic death atmospheric elements prevail but then again the gothic and the extreme parts all also present. There are clean vocals in a few songs, I think in 3 of them or so. The production is flawless though.
“Construct” offers quite a diversity as, I’ve told before, it does combine elements from several album of the 90s. The goth ala “Paradise Lost” influences in “Uniformity” do not sound that good, at least to me, but that ain’t the case here. I believe that “Construct” misses the big tracks which will make the whole album take off. Largely, we’re talking about a good & worth-listening album that will content the largest part of the band’s fans & mostly the 00s ones.