Dark Quarterer - Dark Quarterer XXV Anniversary

Dark Quarterer
Dark Quarterer XXV Anniversary
My Graveyard Productions
It sometimes makes me wonder… why some bands got the exposure they deserved back in the day, why some others got more than they were worthy of, while others stayed underground and became known to a bunch of metal freaks that buy & support anything that’s different and cult… especially if it comes from the 80s.
Dark Quarterer was formed back in 1974, but it was only until 1987 when they released their innovative, diverse and progressive debut. Probably an album like that today won’t create any kind of impression but believe me, back in that time there were only a few metal bands that could blend heavy metal, power metal, doom metal and progressive metal music so weirdly and harmonically. These Italians did it back then… but due to a total lack of promotion, it went by unnoticed. The muddy and very bland production was another reason why someone would avoid playing it. Definitely, the album productions of the 80s were kinda muddy and a bit weak… but I honestly can’t think of any other ins and outs why this band didn’t become a well-known act in the years after. By the way, those who do own the vinyl, have surely enjoyed it till now… but I do pity those who gave it away after some years.
Thankfully, celebrating their 25th anniversary, the guys decided to re-release it. Precisely, they re-recorded it, re-arranged & added a few touches to the songs and also took care of the production as well. Now the sound is heavy, lurid & full. This is how the album should have been in the first place. Of course, there isn’t the original guitarist, Fulberto Serena here. The guitars in the actual CD are played by Francesco Sozzi, and the keys by Francesco Longhi who have both been in the band for the last years. Don’t worry though cuz’ Gianni Nepi (bass, vocals) & Paolo “Nipa” Ninci (drums) are still delivering the goods. The album has been recorded at the Woodstock Association’s Studio, the music school of the members of Dark Quarterer, in association with the “First Line Studio” of Alex Marton, where songs have been mixed and mastered. The CD was produced by My Graveyard Productions of Giuliano Mazzardi. There’s also a bonus 10-minute video where we see the band talking and explaining several things about this album. Very informative indeed.
It’s almost impossible for the heavy-power, doom & progressive metal fans not to find this album, at least, interesting. I know that the elders are smiling evilly and are getting ready to get it in any way. The youngsters must also give a chance to this very good metal band of the 80s. Among the numerous heavy-power prog metal releases that are being released every month… very few have the quality that this CD has and none of them is holding the preeminence & the cultness of the 80s. I won’t go and rate this album, for “Dark Quarterer” is without a doubt a cult heavy prog metal release of the 80s underground scene. Whether you own the original or not, this album is not to be missed by the fans of the genre.