Dark New Day - New Tradition

Dark New Day
New Tradition
Goomba Music
When you leave your business unfinished then you will surely come back to close all the open matters one day. Something like this must have happened with Dark New Day… the band that took shape in 2005… released its debut album in 2005… and since then they faced several difficulties with line-up changes and their label… resulting in putting the band on ice for some years. There has also been some fuzz with the band’s second album that was never officially released… as both “Hail Mary” (this album was all over the web as “Vicious Thinking” for some time) & “B-sides” were released digitally on iTunes and Amazon and they are not available these days.
Anyway, “New Tradition” is the official second studio release of Dark New Day and it correspondingly contains a few songs from both “Hail Mary” & “B-sides”. The band’s current line-up consists of: Brett Hestla (lead singer/guitarist from Virgos Merlot), Clint Lowery (guitarist from Sevendust), Will Hunt (drummer from Evanescence), Troy McLawhorn (guitarist from Evanescence), and Corey Lowery (bassist from Stereomud and Eye Empire).
“New Tradition” is on the same flair as the debut… modern, alternative, hard rock music with an equitably dynamic production. You will find a couple of nice tunes here, like: “Sorry” & “Caught In The Light”… but overall the album does not meet any great expectations at all. It has 13 songs but most of them are quite boring… plus that the album does not have any hits. I mean this kind of music should give its fans some hit songs for the TV and the radio… but awkwardly, you won’t find any big hooks neither any catchy, as hell, tune here. Then again, why should I listen to a band like Dark New Day? For the complex song arrangements? Absolutely not…
This is not a bad album… but it doesn’t excite at all… it misses some big songs… and its sort of average as a whole.