Danzig - Black Laden Crown

Danzig Black Laden Crown cover
Black Laden Crown
Nuclear Blast Records
“Black Laden Crown” is Danzig’s 10th proper studio outing and 11th overall studio release, if we include the “Skeletons” cover album. It took Danzig some seven years to come up with this new album during which a lot of things happened, including a reunion of Misfits for a fuckton of money etc…
Along with Glenn, there’s Tommy Victor of Prong, who’s made a bit of a mainstay in the past years as well as a returning Joey Castillo on drums along with also John Kelly of Type O Negative on a couple of songs and Dirk Verbeuren (current Megadeth sticksman) and Karl Rosqvist (Sorg, Michael Monroe etc.) on one each.
After a while it feels like a conscious and focused attempt to try and return to the bands “classic” more blues influenced sound, which isn’t bad as per se, but just feels a bit held back by both a smaller budget production and a less virile aging GD that while doesn’t feel as powerful or magnetic as he was in the 90s. It might have to do with age, it might have to do with the songs being, well a bit more laid back. I dunno what it is… that feels the same but different.
Well, while there’s not a “filler” track, the trio of songs after the eponymous opener, namely “Eyes Ripping Fire”, “Devil on Hwy 9” and “Last Ride” feel like particular pinnacles in the album and its finest moments. It’s good to have the evil Elvis back, but what the funk happened to his elvis covers albums that was teased a couple of year ago?